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There are several ways you and your organisation can get involved and support the IIF. If you would like to become a member of the IIF, please contact us or to support the 2020 IIF event, please head to The 2020 Event for further details

Our Next Cause Donate

Our next cause

Looking to build on the success of our inaugural event we have selected a new cause of social mobility and anticipate our next event on 21 April 2022.

In these challenging times it is more important than ever that our industry plays its part in making a positive impact within wider society.

This year there was a broad consensus amongst members to address the social mobility challenge, recognising we have a unique platform where we can potentially help social mobility both at the investment firm or fund, and investee company level.

The ambition is to build an overarching social mobility initiative for the industry supported by charitable partners, starting with the Sutton Trust, the UK’s largest social mobility charity.

The next charity dinner event will be held on 21 April 2022, tables are nearly sold out so we would encourage members to support this cause and reserve a table now.  Therefore the IIF is raising funds this year to:

  • Enable the development and launch of Pathways Online, an online platform that will underpin all of the Sutton Trusts employability programmes;
  • Contribute to the Sutton Trust employability research and advocacy activities;
  • Begin to research pathways into the industry and scope the development of a new employability access initiative.

Our immediate request is for your support towards this very worthy cause and associated planned event, by way of reserving a table now.

A pathway to Infrastructure

The ambition is to create an employability access programme that is complimentary to members’ existing initiatives.

Focusing on students as they progress through secondary education approaching university application decisions, the ambition is to create a permanent initiative that drives a more diverse pool of talent through to the industry.

The initiative will be scoped and developed in coming months, with input from across the infrastructure community, to address current areas of challenge and ensure an aligned agenda.  However, the intention is for a flexible ‘menu’ of ways in which members can support, including:

  • Financial donations for resources to manage the programme;
  • Team resource for e-mentoring or content creation;
  • Hosting of insight days and networking events;
  • Work experience placements.

The intention is to ultimately create a global programme, complementing the Sutton Trust with other partners to map the infrastructure community.

Our immediate aim is for confirmation of your support and the nomination of a representative to join working groups which will help design the partnership.

Supporting partners

A huge thank you to the following for their continued support.